New Release + 5 Star ARC Review ☆ Playing by Heart by JB Salsbury

Reviewed by Jacqui

JB Salsbury, I want to live in your head when you’re writing!
Once again you kept me up late reading. And what a read it was!! I think I am going to have to take down my JT poster and replace it with Jesse Lee.

Jesse Lee has once again woken up with no memories of the past week. All he knows is he had cold water thrown at him and girls in his bed. He doesn’t see a problem here, but his manager and record company see a BIG problem with it.  Now he finds himself detoxing in a room at his brother’s house with a past painful memory staring at him. He has been given 90 days to get it together or he is done. Surprise Arizona is a lot different from Los Angeles. No glitz and glamour, just his brother Ben or Pastor Ben as he is known, an adorable little girl named Elliot, and an ordinary girl who volunteers for the church and takes care of Elliot. His ninety days is either going to kill him or make him look at things (and people) differently.

Bethany thought she had the love of her life. She is the marrying kind of girl and thought he was it. Now, she is without a car, (there may or may not have been a fire) and throws herself into volunteering at the church and taking care of the Pastor’s daughter. But a rude and crude addition to the house has her on edge. She avoids him as much as she can until what she mistakes for moans of pain turn out to be a whole different kind of moaning. Her avoidance is short lived when she is assigned to drive him around to meetings and deal with his overall grumpiness. It’s only ninety days of her life. Or maybe not.

This is a romantic story that doesn’t start out that way. Both are happy annoying each other, her with her singing and him with his constant focus on sex, but soon find themselves slowly working themselves into each others heart.

Thank you JB Salsbury for bringing us a story that will make others believe that enemies can become so much more.

Jesse Lee is the worst!

He’s a multi-millionaire, triple-platinum-selling, Grammy-Award-winning man-slut—a worldly, self-indulgent heathen. I wouldn’t sleep with him if he were our last chance to ensure survival of the human race. The only reason I put up with him is because he’s my boss’s brother.

Whatsherface is one of those holier-than-thou types.

She’s bossy, has a horrific singing voice, and she’s so ordinary, she practically blends in with the eggshell-colored walls—the complete opposite of anyone I’d bang. The only reason I put up with her is because my career is on the line.

Playing by Heart is an enemies-to-lovers romance where opposites not only attract, they ignite.

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