4 Star Review ❤︎ Beautiful Redemption (The Maddox Brothers #2) by Jamie McGuire


Reviewed by Jacqueline


Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire

Who doesn’t wait for a Jamie McGuire book to come out? Especially one about another of the Maddox brothers. This time is was Thomas, the older protective brother with a job no one knows about. No one but his ex girlfriend/new fiance’ of brother Trenton. The same person he is having problems getting over to move on in his relationship with Liis Lindy, a woman he has a one night stand with who ends up being the new hire he brought in from a different agency. Oops. But no matter the sparks are there. But, are both ready to give up everything and everyone for each other? The characters have good chemistry and each call the other out on their BS. I liked the friends around them and how they fed into the story line as well. But sorry Thomas, Travis is still the top of the Maddox brothers for me.



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