Next Time Love Comes by Linda L. Picl

Next Time Love Comes
Publication Date: June 19, 2014


Sometimes marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes you have to take your own life in your hands and change it for the better.

Elizabeth Peters knows this and when she meets Aiden Roberts and his handicapped child, she realizes she’ll have a fight ahead of her if she wants this man in her life.
Aiden Roberts has met the perfect woman, Elizabeth Peters. She’s gorgeous, funny and loves his son and family. What more could he ask for? The only problem is – they are both married to other people.

Despite the huge obstacle, Aiden is convinced they should be together. But is the one perfect night they shared enough to make her want to leave her marriage?
Elizabeth Peters wonders if it is possible to outgrow a marriage. Of course it is and sometimes it takes all you have inside of you to make the change that will make the rest of your life worth living. Elizabeth Peters and her husband Vince are at a dangerous crossroads. His career is all he cares about. His wife and family have been pushed to the back seat of his life, leaving Liz with the realization she has to be the one to take control of her own destiny. Many woman consider leaving their marriage but Liz knows she’s the one who’s going to have end it. When she meets Aiden Roberts who has already lived an incredibly hard life and needs her love, she knows this is her big chance to have everything she’s always wanted. Meeting his family during an almost fatal event, she knows she loves them all, including Aiden’s son. The problem comes when she is dragged back into the fold after a devastating accident leaves her husband also needing her like he’s never needed or wanted her before. Liz walks a fine line between caring for another man and his family and taking care of the man she’s been with for so many years.

Where does she draw the line between concern and love? Her past and her present collides when Vince doesn’t remember their love is over, forcing her to relive the past and possibly have to do so for the rest of her life. She has to find the solution to everyone else’s problems before she can fix her own. Elizabeth also has to decide which destiny she wants.
Aiden and Elizabeth’s story celebrates the fact that life is short, we all deserve as much happiness as we can grab.


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They strolled to the bed as if they were dancing, taking bits of clothing off as they moved. When
they reached the bed, she found herself on top of him running her tongue down his beautiful, hard body. He thought he would die when she took him in her mouth and gently tugged at him until he was ready to empty himself into her.
Moving back up his body she slowly enjoyed the taste of his hot moist skin and hard muscles. They kissed as if their lives depended on it, and in a way, they did. The desire that had been building over the weeks apart was intense and they needed to be touched as much as they needed this release, it had been far too long for them both. Urgently they held on to each other. Their first time together would be quick as he ran his hands up and down and in and out of her until she could wait for him no longer.
She pushed him down and climbed on top, finding him as impatient as she was. They were made for each other. She guided him into her and they moved together as if they were together for years, not for the first time tonight.
He felt so good inside of her; it was exactly where he should be. As he felt the end coming, he held her body close to him and gave in to the wonderful release of all the pain and frustration he had in his life up until this moment. He shuddered when he let himself go and as he finished, she knew she could finally give into what she had been fighting for, for so long.
Afterwards lying in his arms, Liz knew this was where she belonged. She wanted them to stay
this way with no more problems and nowhere to go. And nothing to separate them again.
You’ve become the most important thing in my life; I can’t be apart from you anymore. I‘m so glad I didn‘t lose you.”
She said, “I knew that first day that we’d be together eventually. I just wasn’t sure when.”
Soon they were driving against each other again until neither one of them could breathe. He held her afterwards caressing her back as she fell asleep in his arms. Her breath so close to him and her body still belonging to him. He never intended to surrender her again.
The next morning she woke up with Aiden’s body nudged against her back sound asleep. She felt warm and safe, knowing she belonged to him and he was hers. It had taken too long but they were finally together. He never did tell her he loved her. She didn’t say it to him either, but she knew in her heart she did. She didn’t care anymore if he ever said it. He showed it in so many ways she couldn’t deny it to herself. He truly loved her.
He started to wake feeling her soft body next to him. Snuggling closer she said, “Morning, did you sleep well?”
“Who was sleeping, I was dreaming about the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and how happy I am that she’s finally here with me.”
He said, “I’m glad we worked out our problems.”
“Well me too, you’re incredible. Being with you was everything I knew it would be.”

Rolling over to face him she nuzzled his neck, “Didn’t I show you how much I love you? I would never do this with someone I didn’t care deeply for. You’re the man I want in my life and in my bed. There’s no one that can change that except you.”
He looked into her incredibly deep green eyes wanting to lose himself in them again and said, “I do believe you. I always did. I had a ton of trust problems with Jessica and I guess they are ingrained now. She bailed on us when we needed her the most. I can’t live with that kind of rejection any more. I know you’d never leave. Watching you take care of your ex is killing me, but it tells me you’d never give up on the people you love. Strange logic right? I guess what worries me is that you might decide to stay with Vince if you think he needs you enough.”
Touching his face with her finger tips, she said, “I want you to come to me if you see something you don’t understand. I still have to keep up the charade at the hospital. But that’s all it is. As soon as he can handle it, believe me I will remind him where we stand. I promise.”
Aiden kissed her gently, “You know I can’t watch you kiss him, it’s too painful. Smiling she said,” If I have to, I’ll imagine it’s you.”
He laughed,” No, that might make you enjoy it. Just do it quick and get the hell out of there.”
She said, “Okay, you have a deal. But maybe it would it be better if you didn’t go to the hospital. There’s no sense in getting more upset than you already are. Believe me I wasn’t crazy about him grabbing me to kiss me yesterday. He has a strange memory of our marriage. He seems to think we were perfectly happy and had some kind of great romance. There hasn’t been romance in my life for at least a couple of years.”
“Whoa, stop too much information. I know you were married, But I don’t necessarily need the gory details.”

She giggled, “You’re a wonderful lover. So romantic, just the way you look at me drives me crazy. So please understand I don’t want to kiss him or even want to be there. I want him to be okay, but I don’t like the idea of going along with this lie. Believe me when his memory does come back I will be the first to say goodbye.”
“Well now I don’t know if I want his memory back too soon. I don’t want you to have to break up with him all over again.”
She ran her fingers through his dark hair, “I’ll be fine as long as I know you’re with me on this.” He kissed her. “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

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Linda L. Picl was born in Illinois and got her love of reading from spending time in a tiny library under a police station in a small town there. From there she went on to work at many of the libraries in suburbs all around the Chicago area which only fired up her love of romance novels.

Following her favorite authors Robyn Carr and Nora Roberts she went on to write sweet romance books and produced her first book Next Time Love Comes and then Solitary Dreamer, both second chance at love romances. Not everyone gets lucky on their first try at love.
Those are the types of books Linda loves to write. She has just published her third book, a paranormal romance, Angelea’s Dreams of Yesterday was recently published by Beau Coup Publishing and more books are on their way.

Linda lives in a suburb of Wisconsin with her husband.

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