New Release + 5 Star Review ☆ Three-Sixty: A Full Circle Duet Part #2 by Teri Kay





Reviewed by Jacqui

Please know that the first in this series One-Eighty needs to be read first. You definitely will want to read it anyways. Plus the cover is amazing.
At the end of One-Eighty, Teri Kay left us hanging. We met and fell in love with Connor and Daniella. Two single parents trying the dating world again. Their life is their kids and that seems to be it. But when their kids are in the same class and good friends, a friendship turned into more. But lying in the background waiting to pounce are Connor’s ex wife who has decided that having an affair with her secretary was not her best choice. She wants Connor to try again. But then there is Nic, Connor’s best friend who rebuffed his feelings before she got married. Now she wants to give it a try with Connor after her failed marriage. But Connor is not onboard with either of them. He has found Daniella and will do what he needs to to win her back. In Daniella’s eyes, she can’t compare to the other two women. She’s curvy and not feeling like she can add up to the other two. Her emotions are still on the fringe after the death of her husband and doesn’t want to be hurt again. She needs to decide to fight for the man she loves or cut her losses. Connor is there to help her with her decision.
What makes Teri Kay’s Duet series so good is her main characters. Connor is not your typical book boyfriend. He has a “dad body”, isn’t a millionaire, and has an occasional smoke. I will tell you this. I would take Connor Evans over any other book boyfriend. He is written as one of the nicest guys you will meet and knows who he is. I love absolutely everything about him. I like reading about “real” couples who are not perfect. Connor and Daniella have been written just like that. They get past their insecurities and find each other and the love they both want. Teri Kay, keep writing your characters like this. You have a way of making the ordinary extraordinary. Thank you.


Just when you think the dust is about to settle, the whirlwind of life picks you up and throws you into another hurricane of one-eighties. Daniella Kahele thought her life of one-eighties was beginning to settle after she met Connor Evans. It was like the stars aligned and the world kept throwing them together. He might just be the one to break down the walls she had built after the death of her husband. Just as she opens her heart again, Connor’s regretful ex-wife and jealous best friend decide they aren’t ready to let him go just yet. A storm of envious past love no one saw coming threatens to destroy everything and it’s a storm that neither Connor nor Daniella are prepared to weather. As Daniella spreads her wings, Connor sees the competition for her heart is real and that he may not be able to let her go. Can two lives full of one-eighties come together in a three-sixty to form a full circle?

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