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Lasting Lyric (The Downtown Series Book 4) T.J West

 ARC received for an honest review


Oh T.J. West you have done it again in your Downtown Series. This time with Slim and Lyric. I fell in love with these characters. Two people who started out as friends, or in this case band member and manager, who decided that resisting what they have is pointless. Who better to fall in love with than your best friend who kicks your ass at video games?!


Slim McQuaid is the guitar player for JINKS. Easy going and happy he forms a strong friendship with their new manager Lyric Newton-Crow that has him wanting more. After the bus accident that sent Lyric to the hospital and away from Slim for months he is ready to show her that he wants more than just the friendship.


Lyric is the daughter of famous parents and siblings. Never getting the acting bug she takes a job as JINKS manager and follows her dreams of the music industry. Her dreams also lead her to Slim. His easy going demeanor and ability to lose gracefully at video games sparks her interest. But she is his manager. Nothing can happen. Or so she thinks.
Once again TJ West weaves us a sizzling tale of a sexy rocker and the woman who loves him. Filled with the type of steamy scenes and storytelling you love from the author, this book will not disappoint. This is one of my favorite rocker series. Add to that the covers create an image for you when you read, what is not to like?! So once again TJ West, thank you for giving me the chance to read the next installment of the Downtown Series. Rock on sista friend!!

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 ***Warning- Not intended for those under 18 years. Extreme language and sex.  ***This book is part of a series- book 4.


It was a spark neither one of us saw coming…

It was a love neither one of us expected…


It’s a competition of wit and intelligence.  Our attraction undeniable and our chemistry magnetic.  Very much different in our upbringings, so naturally the odds would be stacked against any kind of romance.


I’m the rock star and she’s every bit the good girl.  We respect each other, but push each other’s buttons.  Our friendship is unconventional, but something inside of me tells me that Lyric is my perfect fit.


It only takes one moment to change everything, one moment to turn my whole world upside down.  What happens when you fall in love with your best friend?  Are you prepared to handle the emotions?


She’ll be the lyric I can’t shake…




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She giggles again. “Night, Hot Stuff.”

“G’night, Charlie.” I may have said goodnight, but my body is not ready for it. My fingers itch to get a feel of her belly, her skin. It’s all so fucking wrong, though. Why hadn’t I ever felt this way for her before? Why now? Why are my eyes suddenly wide open for the very first time? How did I not see her before the accident? I want things to go back to the way they were. I don’t want to have these feelings for her…I just can’t help it, though. I need to feel her. A need that is so wrong, yet feels so right. Very slowly, I inch the tips of my fingers to the edge of her cami. I pause. I don’t want her getting the wrong idea, even though it is the wrong idea. One finger. Two fingers, then three. The rest follow suit and trickle their way a little up her cami. Lyric flinches and her body stiffens. I stop. “Sorry,” I mumble. “My fingers cold?”

“No,” she whispers out. “Why are you touching me there?”

Crap, she hates it. She doesn’t want this. I give her my best answer, anyways. “You’re soft.”

“Can’t sleep if you keep tickling me.”

Tickling. I bite back a laugh and proceed gliding my fingers across her belly. Holy fuck, her body is soft as hell. I fucking love it. “Tickles, huh?”

“Yes.” I can tell she is trying hard not to laugh. She’s very squirmy and it’s making my cock hard. Hope she can’t feel it. “Stop it.”

“Okay,” I chuckle. “Night again.”

She sighs, “Night.”

“Is it okay if I just keep it there? I promise, no tickling.”

“Fine,” she groans, and I bet she has a smile on her face, along with an eye roll.

I can’t stop skimming her belly and flirting with her. “It’s, like, really soft.”

She snaps, “Slim!”

My body shakes with silent laughter. “Yeah, I’m done. Go to sleep.”

“That’s what I’m trying to do.”

“Sorry,” I chuckle.

My hand stays planted on her belly, and I hope that tomorrow night we’ll be able to do this again, and maybe…just maybe, I’ll inch further up her cami and hit my jackpot. My flirtation is going to test our relationship, but will Lyric decide she’ll want to flirt back and possibly take our friendship to the next level? Only one way to find out.

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12049544_904893446247114_2527324910972367622_nTiffany is a stay at home mom of two teenagers and has been married for 17 years. She resides in San Diego, California with her family. She became a self published author in 2014 after being inspired by many self indie authors. She has always enjoyed writing, enjoyed putting her imagination and thoughts down on paper. In her spare time, Tiffany loves: watching many TV shows, movies, going to the beach, spending time with the family, road trips, cocktail nights with friends and being interactive with readers, friends and family on Facebook.

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