New Release ❤︎ Forever Your Concierge by Jessica Ingro is now LIVE!!!!!!



Forever Your Concierge by Jessica Ingro is now LIVE!!!!!!

Grab your copy now while it is priced at an introductory rate $2.99!


***Please note: This can be read as a standalone HEA with secondary characters introduced in Love, Your Concierge***

From the moment she said hello, Travis Hamilton knew without a doubt that Maya Harris was the one. Knowing how hard it is to make a relationship work, he’s ready to fight for them—no matter what trials and tribulations come their way. But what do you do when the woman you’re in love with refuses to move your relationship forward? When her secrets become too much to handle? How can you get her to trust you and take a chance on your future?

Maya Harris gave up on love a long time ago. Past experience dictated that what seemed too good to be true, most certainly always was. There’s something about Travis Hamilton though that pushes her to the brink of change—teetering on the edge of giving in to their love and planning on forever. But past mistakes always have a way of rearing their ugly head and putting your future at risk.

True loves and happily ever afters are anything but easy, and never a guarantee. Can love really overcome any obstacle? Can happiness truly come without any strings?

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