Author Spotlight ☆ You Are Always on My Mind (Hell Yeah! Cajun Style) by Sable Hunter

Always on My Mind
Publication Date: June 15, 2015

You are Always on My Mind by Sable Hunter


We all like to think we have a soulmate. Unfortunately for some of us, we miss them, passing unseen like two ships in the night. Revel and Harper were among the lucky ones, they knew without a shadow of a doubt that they were meant for one another. In a perfect world, they would’ve enjoyed a ‘happily ever after’. But this isn’t a perfect world.
Harper is haunted by her past, a past so tragic and so unthinkable that she can’t even imagine confessing it to Revel. And she knows from past experience, that when he learns the shameful truth about her – nothing will be the same. So to protect him, she walks away.
Harper underestimated Revel’s love for her. From the moment she disappeared, he set out to bring her home. Their journey to love is one fraught with ghosts from the past, both real and imagined, and a demon from their present who is intent on making sure she has no future. But those ghosts and demons have never met a hero like Revel Lee. He is determined to give Harper exactly what she needs…until Harper realizes that all she needs is him.

***CONTENT WARNING: This book contains adult language and sexual situations. It is intended for audiences 18+ ONLY***

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She said nothing, just opened the door, slammed it and fled into the night. Revel didn’t even hesitate, he was out of the truck and after her in a flash. Only she didn’t run into the swamp like he feared, she ran up to the door, unlocked it with the key he’d given to her and went inside. He was about a dozen strides behind her and when he stepped into the house, he didn’t know what he’d find. But what he saw shocked him. There was a trail of very feminine women’s clothing scattered on the stairs. A dress. A wrap. A bra…and very small, lacy pair of panties. “Harper?” He couldn’t believe his eyes. But oh, how he wanted to. When he came to the bedroom she was occupying, the door stood wide open. “Harper?”

“Come in, Revel. I’m waiting for you.”

Her voice was low, sultry—sexy. Revel was breathing so hard, it sounded as if he’d run a marathon. And when he stepped around the corner into the doorway, he almost swallowed his tongue. She was lying on the bed, naked. On her back, legs spread with her hand between her thighs. She was massaging her slit, her fingers dipping and delving, spearing up inside of her, then up to caress her clit. “Holy Fuck,” he whispered. “Harper, what are you doing?”

“Seducing you. Is it working?” Harper could see a war being waged in his eyes. Was this a mistake? Mercy, if she had the sense God gave a flea, she’d back off. They had so many issues to work through, and here she was confusing the issue with sex. But wasn’t this what it was all about? She’d made him feel inadequate, not enough and it was her mission to show him he was all the man she needed. The insufficiency, the deficit—it was all hers. This could be the biggest mistake of her life, but she had to take the risk. She needed this, she needed him. She needed to be normal. The emptiness inside of her was a constant, pulsing ache which grew stronger with every passing moment.

Revel didn’t have to know she was damaged goods.

Harper’s hand stilled between her thighs. She stared at him. He was frozen. He wasn’t moving. What did that mean? Instead of giving up as she should have, Harper rose and moved toward him, moving right into his space, fitting her hungry body to his. Would he reject her? Despite his words of love, when she was stripped and vulnerable before him, would he want her or would the things she’d done at the clubs repulse him?

Touching him, she rubbed her breasts across his chest, her hands going to his crotch. “I only want to make you happy. Let me love you.” She teased the seam of his lips with her tongue, her heart leaping when he trembled against her. The power in his big body wasn’t subtle, so it amazed her that she could affect him so. He was an addictive drug.

Revel wasn’t fighting the attraction, he was paralyzed with it. Just being this close to her made his brain go haywire. He’d wanted her so badly and for so long, every nerve ending in his body was vibrating and buzzing. With a growl, he surrendered to the incredible pull. Fisting his hand in her long dark hair, he pulled her to him, covered her lips and sank his teeth into her lower lip. Nip! “How’s that, baby? Do you like that?”

The small amount of erotic pain thrilled her. He wasn’t being facetious, this was him trying to do what she’d asked him to do. “I love it,” she admitted. “You turn me on so much.” She reached between his legs and folded her hand around his big cock, giving it a squeeze.

Revel growled. Harper could almost hear the threads of his control snap in two. He took hold of her shoulders and hauled her flush to him. With a whimper, she started pulling at his shirt, uncaring that buttons were popping off and bouncing across the floor. The next thing she knew, Harper had gone from pressed to his body to sitting on the dresser with Revel standing close between her thighs. Revel was staring down at her as if he couldn’t believe she was real. His fiery black eyes were glittering with hunger and bold flags of color stained his high chiseled cheekbones. With a primal snarl, his mouth crushed hers. Harper didn’t have to process, all of his pent-up desire, hunger—it was directed right to her.

“Yes, yes,” she murmured. But for all the ravishing hunger, his hands were gentle as he caressed her body.

“It’s been so long,” he whispered. “I’ve ached for you. I’ve touched no one. Only you, you’re all I want. So soft. So fragile.” He bent his head to place a tender kiss to her neck.

“Revel, I’m not fragile.” She wove her fingers in his hair, so much longer now than the last time they’d done this. “I want you to take me, touch me. Dominate me. You have no idea how much I’ve dreamed of this. How I missed you.”

Dipping his head, he buried his face in the valley between her breasts, kissing both sides of her cleavage. When he framed one swollen globe, closing his lips over the distended nipple, Harper moaned. She arched her back, holding his head to her breast. “Bite me,” she pleaded.

Revel stiffened, so Harper stiffened, pulling back. But she wasn’t successful, Revel stopped her—with his teeth. He grazed her nipple, scraping the tender flesh. Harper gasped, cradling his head. “Ah, yes!”

“Like that?” he muttered. When she keened, he plumped her breast, and she was mesmerized, loving the way his big broad hand looked against her white skin. Reaching down, she began working on his belt, releasing the button on his jeans, slowly lowering the zipper.

“Yes, I love it.” Slipping her hand inside, Harper closed her fingers around his manhood and stroked. “We’re making progress, guess next time we’ll just drag out the whips and chain.” She teased.

With a harsh groan, he jerked her forward, taking her lips in a complete and thorough kiss. Those wicked little fingers could steal his reason if he wasn’t careful, or maybe it was too late, for he confessed way before he was ready. “We don’t have to wait till next time, the whips and chains are ready and waiting for you. Ever since you left, I’ve been training.”

With a gasp, Harper clung to his neck as he pulled her close, picking her up and taking her to the stairs that led to the area below, under the front gallery. “Where are we going?”

“To my dungeon, little submissive. Are you ready to play?”

Gently lowering her so she could stand on her own two feet, Revel steadied her, then pressed a button, opening a door she’d never noticed before. With a voice as warm and intense as melted chocolate, he whispered, “Come see the world I’ve created for us.”

If Revel had told her he was an alien from a far flung galaxy, Harper couldn’t have been more shocked. “You’ve been studying BDSM? For me?”

Standing between her and whatever waited inside, he lifted her chin so he could kiss her gently on the lips. “I’ve read extensively. I’ve practiced with a whip for countless hours so I can give you the bite without breaking your perfect smooth skin.”

“I can’t believe you’d do this for me,” she remarked in wonder, studying his sincere face. Every time she looked at him she wondered why this special man cared for her.

“Oh, this is just the beginning of what I’ll do for you.” Revel stepped back and welcomed her in.

She was weak-kneed. Revel’s attitude, his body, his face—the man dripped sex. Just the idea of him playing with her had Harper on the verge of a screaming orgasm, literally trembling. “You’re exciting me,” she confessed.

“That’s my intention, little sub.” He pulled her against his solid bare chest, his hands sliding over her waist, down her stomach to cup her mound. “I want to make you crazy for me.”

He used his teeth to graze the tender flesh on her neck, causing her pussy to gush, then clench tight as a fist. She turned to him. His black eyes seared into hers as he lowered his head to cover her lips with his hot mouth. His kiss demanded entrance and when she complied, he thrust deep. With his mouth and his body, he overshadowed her, moaning and growling his desire. It was so sexy, a whimper escaped her lips.

Harper felt lightheaded as his hands slid down to knead her bottom, then around to cup her breasts. She could barely manage a breath when he began to pinch her nipples at the same instant he slid his leg between hers and his hard thigh rubbed right across her pussy. Harper gasped at the dual sensations. When the pressure on her nipples intensified to a delicious pinch, she almost fainted. It felt…just right. Mindless with need, she rode his leg and he pinched harder—as hard as the clamps, only he combined it with other sensations—relaxing, milking, then tightening again. “Revel!” She gasped and ground her pussy on his leg.

And just like that—her body convulsed and her pussy pulsated with a climax so intense and perfect she wanted to weep. Clutching his shoulders, she trembled against him, never wanting it to end. The pain, the pleasure—all of it was, “so good, so good, baby,” she whispered against his chest.

Revel pulled back, still gently rubbing her breasts, sliding his palms over her sensitive nipples. Slowly, he let them travel up to cup her head beneath her hair as he continued the pressure of his leg against her wet pussy, his mouth devouring hers—punishing, giving, taking holding her still so she had no choice in the matter.

Like she wanted one…

“Feel what you do to me.” Revel picked her up. “Wrap your legs around me.” When she was spread open, he nestled his cock against her tender pussy, rubbing himself deliciously across her moist heat.

“God, Revel,” she murmured softly.

“Just a preview of coming attractions,” he promised as his teeth closed around her earlobe and he nipped it gently then licked the tiny hurt away.

He had her gasping, panting, more liquid pooling between her quivering thighs. Revel held her till she was steady, then took her hand. “We need to discuss your limits, both hard and soft and I need your safe word.”

Harper couldn’t help but smile. “Wait.” She stopped and wrapped her arms around him. “I love you for doing this.” She kissed him hard. “I know this wasn’t easy for you.”

“This was easy. Losing you was the hard part.” With that succinct explanation, he pulled her farther into the room. It wasn’t the traditional dark dungeon, this area looked more like a luxurious spa. There was silver and white tile with stainless steel and leather accents everywhere. “Limits,” he asked her again.

“With you, I don’t think I’ll have any.”

Revel took that as doubt. “I’m not pretending, Harper. I’m serious as a heart attack, so you’re going to have to be as honest with me as I am with you. Anal?”

Her eyes bugged. “I’ve never done it, but I would with you.”

He didn’t react. “Safeword?”

She chose a new one, just for them. “Waterloo.”

“Very well. And as soon as we walk through those doors, you will address me as Sir. Is that clear?”

Harper felt a thrill. “Yes, Sir.”

“Very good.” He smiled and kissed her hand. “Good girl.” Next, Revel led her to a cabinet. “I’ve stocked it with everything we’ll need.” He began to name the items, pointing them out. “Whip, paddle, flogger, quirt, and clamps. And over here, a pinwheel, electro stimulation, cuffs, straps, a blindfold and some ben wa balls.”

The sight of all of those toys and tools made her pussy tingle again. “We’re going to have a good time, Sir.”

Revel laughed. “Yes, we are.” Taking her by the arm, he led her to a bench. “Sit up here while we talk, then we’ll get down to business.” His hands slipped under her voluptuous breasts and lifted them, kneading gently, her eyes closing in ecstasy. “You’re so beautiful. Your body is perfect. There’s so much I want to do with you, with these.” Leaning over, he took one rosy nipple between his lips. His tongue swirled and teased before sucking deep with firm slow exquisite pressure.

Harper’s toes curled while he sucked. Her sensitive nipple was aching and tight when he let the wet tip slip from his lips. She watched fascinated as he slipped a clamp on the nipple, not one like she’d bought and used but a beautiful one with some kind of jewels on it. She panted at the ecstasy as he moved to the other breast. “Oh, God,” she moaned when he began drawing on the other, pure suckling, nursing, molding the globe in his hands. Her clit and the aching center of her breast were directly linked. She moaned, “Sir, O Sir,” as her entire feminine region throbbed with want.

“You taste so sweet.” Revel affixed the other clamp. The beautiful jewels were connected by a tiny gold chain. Giving her tit one more open mouth kiss, he straightened up. “So beautiful. Feel good?” he asked and she nodded. Giving her a hooded, mysterious look he palmed her left breast, while the other hand went between her legs. His fingers caressed her clit, then dragged from her hungry opening—back to front, back to front—massaging the cream all up and down her slit. As he rubbed, she tensed, thrusting her hips forward. “Want more?”

“Yes, please, yes, Sir.”

“Then, come,” he said as he directed her across the room.

Harper couldn’t help but giggle, which earned her a frown. “Sorry, Sir. I want to come again and again.”

“All in good time.” Revel guided her around the room, showing her the spanking bench. “This will be your favorite piece. When you’re strapped in here, your epic ass will be totally at my mercy.”

“You’re a tease, Sir.”

Revel couldn’t help but smile, giving her a wink. “Over here are the wall restraints, a harness, a carabiner and the St. Andrews cross. Just for tonight, lady’s choice. Which do you prefer?”

Harper bit her lower lip, there really was no question. “Spanking bench, please, Sir.” Chill bumps of excitement decorated her skin. They walked together and he helped her lie down, affixing the soft cuffs to her wrists and ankles.

“Blindfold?” he asked, giving her a choice.

“No, Sir, I want to see you…seeing me.”

Revel felt his heart pound in his chest. “Count of twenty, love?”

“Twenty, yes, Sir.”

“You need to feel the bite, Bright Eyes?”

“Yes.” She sighed. “I need to feel the bite, Sir.” She watched him with anxious eyes as he chose a whip, her body quivering at the sight. He’d said he knew how to use it, they’d soon find out. An experienced hand behind a whip could wield more force and do more damage than one might think. Glancing up, she saw that the ceilings were as high as allowed, high enough for the black coiled leather to stretch to its fullest length. She held her breath as he stepped behind the bench, shaking out the whip. Rolling his shoulders, he flexed his muscles, loosening up. Even though she couldn’t help but be a bit trepidatious, Harper pushed her bottom up, wiggling it just enough so he’d know how much she wanted this—wanted him.

Drawing his arm back, he let the whip flow as if it were dancing to music and let it go, nailing her right in the middle of her left butt cheek. “Ummmm,” she whimpered, closing her eyes, then quickly opening them to watch him do it again.

His face was expressionless as he focused. Never taking his eye off the prize, he slowly and methodically placed the tip of the whip exactly where he wanted it and Harper moaned with every contact. She loved it, Revel knew exactly what he was doing. He made the act of dominating her beautiful.

By the time he was through, she was crying, tears running down her cheeks. But they weren’t tears of pain, but release.

“Harper, baby?” He knelt by her.

“I’m good, so good.”

He chuckled. “I could be better.”

That was when Harper saw Revel’s cock was swollen and strutted. “Take me. I’m beyond ready.” She spread her thighs, but instead of walking between them, he removed her cuffs.

“Lie on your back.”

Eagerly, she arranged her body for him. He took hold of her thighs and pulled her bottom to the edge, then stared at her as he pushed inside—oh, so slowly. Harper felt her eyelashes flutter, her swollen, slick flesh stretched to allow him entrance.

“So tight, so perfect.” Revel reached for her hands, linking their fingers, spreading her arms out to her sides so his chest would rub against hers—skin to skin. Pressing his forehead to hers, their gazes linked, they were drowning in one another’s eyes. “Harper, beloved Harper.”

The moment felt spiritual, he had sacrificed his beliefs, his principals, to give her what she needed. Wrapping her legs around his hips, she tightened her pussy around him, clasping him with her small internal muscles, trying to ensure he stayed right where she needed him the most.

As if her actions freed him, he took a deep breath, dragged his cock almost completely from her body then slammed into her pussy so deep his cock touched her cervix and his balls slapped up against the cleft of her bottom. Not giving her time to think or breathe, he pulled out and pumped in again. “Sir, my Revel,” she cried out, not wanting him to stop but begging him to continue. Every cell of her body rejoiced as he kept thrusting in and out. As she’d yearned for, the man had given her what she needed and now there was nothing sweet or slow about how he was taking her. Revel fucked her hard and she loved it. Her nipples tingled, her bottom stung and now she was totally at his mercy as he pounded into her over and over.

From deep in his throat, a low moan rose and he shuddered on top of her. But instead of separating their bodies, he rode her high, staying inside of her, undulating his hips and pressing against her clit. It was too much, she shattered; the orgasm that racked her body was stronger than any she’d known before. It set her whole body on fire, from the tip of her toes to the tip of her nipples. She cried out against his lips as she shook, screaming his name.

With a satisfied sigh, he settled on top of her, whispering in her ear, “I need to hold you now.”

Before she could protest, he picked her up yet again, leaving the playroom behind. He carried her back up to the living room, then on up to her bed, where he laid her down. “Be still.”

Harper didn’t know what he was doing, but she was too worn out to move. In a few moments, he returned with a wash cloth and he gently wiped all the residue of their lovemaking away.

“You don’t have to do that, I’m supposed to be submissive.”

“Shhh.” Revel kissed her lips. “You may need to be a slave in that room, but you’re my queen everywhere else.”

Now, what exactly was a girl supposed to say to that?

She knew the answer. “Sleep with me. Stay with me. This is your invitation.”

Revel felt his breath crash against his ribs. “I accept.” After a few moments in the bathroom, he curled up next to her. Sleep came swiftly to them both.

But deep in the night, Harper stirred. She was cradled in strong arms, lying on a big wide chest. Like a contented cat, she rubbed her cheek against him— and was surprised to feel dampness. Rising slightly, she gazed down at his face in the moonlight and saw something that broke her heart.

There were tears on his cheek.

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About the Author

Sable’s hometown will always be New Orleans. She loves the culture of Louisiana and it permeates everything she does. Now, she lives in the big state of Texas and like most southern women, she loves to cook southern food – especially Cajun and Tex-Mex. She also loves to research the supernatural, but shhhh don’t tell anyone.

Sable writes Saucy Romance novels. She believes that her goal as a writer is to make her readers laugh with joy, cry in sympathy and fan themselves when they read the hot parts – ha!
The worlds she creates in her books are ones where right prevails, love conquers all and holding out for a hero is not an impossible dream.

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