ARC 5-Star Review ❤︎ Kyland (A Sign of Love) by Mia Sheridan


Publication Date: January 24, 2015
Publication Date: January 24, 2015

five gold stars


Reviewed by Jacqueline

Kyland (A Sign of Love)

By Mia Sheridan


Received an ARC for an honest review.

When you get an ARC from Mia Sheridan, you stop what you’re reading and begin reading her book. Yes that is what I did and was not disappointed. Once again Mia Sheridan delivers with a true story of love, hurt, sacrifices, and happiness. I loved the story of Tenleigh and Kyland. Their lives weren’t perfect, they didn’t have everything they wanted, but they found a way to make the best of what each of them had. My favorite line at the end of the book sums it up, “the size of your home, your car, your wallet, doesn’t have one single thing to do with the size of your life”.  Thank you Mia Sheridan for telling us this story and reminding us of this.












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