5 Star Review of Lyra Parish Single Volume 1


five gold stars

Jacqueline’s Review 

The first book in a new series from Lyra Parish has me waiting for the second already! When Roxane Van Buren goes out for a night on the town with her model friend she is surprised to find herself in a sex club where anonymity is kept by a mask. While the night brings new experiences it also brings Mr. Blue Eyes, a sexy bartender that has Roxane rethinking her no dating rule. When another chance encounter with the mysterious stranger ends with a kiss, she is entranced by the masked man.

When the stranger is no longer a stranger but the hot new lawyer hired by her family company her rules are once again tested. No mixing business with pleasure. But Parker Williams will do what it takes to get her to break that rule.

I liked the character of Roxane and her no nonsense ways. She has her own set of rules about dating and vows to just stick with being “Katie” her online identity and do the one night stands. The story is well written as if you were sitting in a bar listening to your friend telling you about “5 minute man”. There’s humor in the story and relatable scenarios (walking in late to work, drenched from the rain) and she is easy to connect with. There is definitely some chemistry with her and Parker Williams and I think the next volume will bring more of that out. Volume one was just a teaser for what these two can heat up.

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