5 Star Review ❤︎ Asa (Marked Men #6) by Jay Crownover


five gold starsReviewed by Jacqueline

Asa, is the last book in the Marked Men brilliance of Jay Crownover. If you have not read any of these books, you are truly missing out. Jay has created a family of tatted up, burly, surly men and thrown them together along with the women who love them and given us this amazing series. Asa, brother to Ayden whose husband is Jet, the second Marked Men novel, has had a less than clean past. Learning early on how to hustle his way to get what he wants or needs.It takes a dying and coming back to try and make up for his past mistakes. That includes not allowing anyone to be pulled down with him. Including Royal, the fiery redhead that arrested him once. Too bad she wants to be part of his world and will fight to make him see he is worth it. Both need each other but need to let mistakes go to see it.


How Jay Crownover makes each book better is truly awe inspiring. I loved Rule (#1) but every book after kept getting better, the stories better, and you start to wonder how she does it?! But what she has done is created this crazy family of misfits and woven their lives together and created unique stories for us to read and enjoy. Will I miss the Marked Men Series? Absolutely!! But know that Jay Crownover has more up her sleeved arm for us her loyal readers and I will be there waiting for it. Thank you Jay Crownover for bringing us the Marked Men!!

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Asa Cross.
Starting over in Denver with a whole new circle of friends and family, Asa Cross struggles with being the man he knows everyone wants him to be and the man he knows he really is. A leopard doesn’t it change its spots and Asa has always been a predator. He doesn’t want to hurt those who love and rely on him, especially one luscious arresting cop who suddenly seems to be interested in him for far more than his penchant for breaking the law. But letting go of old habits is hard, and it’s easy to hit bottom when it’s the place you know best.

Royal Hastings is quickly learning what the bottom looks like after a tragic situation at work threatens not only her career but her partner’s life. As a woman who has only ever had a few real friends she’s trying to muddle through her confusion and devastation all alone. Except she can’t stop thinking about the sexy southern bartender she locked up. Crushing on Asa is the last thing she needs but his allure is too strong to resist. His long criminal record can only hurt her already shaky career and chasing after a guy who has no respect for the law or himself can only end in heartbreak.

A longtime criminal and a cop together just seems so wrong . . . but for Asa and Royal, being wrong together is the only right choice to make.


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