5 Star Review ❣️ Crazy Sexy Notion: A Second Chance Romance by Sarah Darlington

Crazy Sexy Notion by Sarah Darlington

Reviewed by Jacqui

I loved this book! Already a fan of Sarah Darlington, she showed me why with this book. A story of promises made and seeing them through.

Mickey and Raven have a history together living in a trailer park as kids. When Mickey was taken out of the park by his dad, he promised Raven he would come back for her. Now 15 years later, he returns to the place that holds a lot of bad memories for him. He’s back to fulfill his promise to Raven to get her out of there. A crazy idea to say the least. Especially when he finds out his childhood friend thinks he is her next client. When she realizes who he is, the anger resurfaces and she doesn’t trust him. But as they take a ride across the country back to where Mickey, or Mick as he is now known, is a minor league ball player. It’s not a world Raven is used to. But to find a life that is better for her and her daughter, she will have to place that trust back in Mickey.

Sarah Darlington writes stories that are easy to follow and suck you in. I liked the story of Raven and Mickey. I liked the personal battles they had to overcome to learn to trust again. This was a no brainer  read for me. Thank you Sarah Darlington for once again writing a story I couldn’t put down.


Mick hasn’t seen or spoken to his childhood friend Raven in fifteen years. He has no idea what to expect. He bangs on her trailer door only to find—well, there’s no easy way to say this— she is a prostitute! A prostitute who immediately mistakes Mick for one of her clients!

Even crazier still—Mick decides that despite her profession he should bring her home with him. He should do whatever he can to help her. He should work to correct all the mistakes of his past. It would help if she didn’t hate him. But Mick’s never been one to turn down a challenge.

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