5 Star Review ☆ Let It Burn (The Barrington Billionaires Book #4) by Ruth Cardello






Let It Burn by Ruth Cardello

Reviewed by CJ

Andrew Barrington grew up in a wealthy dysfunctional family.  At the age of 18 he joined the Marines as a way to escape.  Twelve years later he decides not to reenlist due to a mission gone wrong that has left him with his own demons and PTSD.   To appease his brother he heads to Aruba to try to uncover the details of the dark family tragedy that happened and resulted in the death of one of his siblings at birth.

Helene Franklin grew up in a close-knit family on an animal sanctuary that consumed her life and altered her plans for college.  When her parents suggest she visit her uncle in Aruba for a much-needed vacation to find herself, she reluctantly accepts. After being in Aruba and enjoying herself for a couple of weeks, her Uncle suspects’ trouble is brewing at the clinic and asks Helene to work at his clinic and be his eyes and ears.  Unbenounced to Helene, her Uncle is hiding important information.  Information Andrew is looking for.

When the two meet the chemistry between them is undeniable.  But Helene doesn’t trust Andrew.  Andrew on the other hand wants to protect Helene and keep her away from the danger she is facing.   When her uncle asks Andrew to take Helene home to her parents to keep her safe when drama comes to a head in Aruba, the two are forced together in order to stay alive and to figure out how to fight the demons that plague Andrew and the consequences of Henele’s uncles hidden secret.
Let it burn is a book that made me feel a lot of emotions.  It made me feel sad, happy, at times made me laugh and had me rooting for a couple who needed to find each other.  I loved that characters from other series made brief appearances in this story.  As each Barrington sibling finds their happiness his family slowly is being brought back together from the tragedy that tore it apart.  Thank you Ruth for yet another amazing story about the Barrington Billionaires.  I cannot wait for the next book in the series.

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Billionaire Andrew Barrington walked away from the lavish lifestyle he was raised in to serve as a Marine. Until recently, he would have said he’d made the right choice. A tragic set of events, however, has him not reenlisting and emotionally hitting rock bottom.

Helene Franklin is visiting her uncle as part of an extended vacation in Aruba. She trades her bikini for an office job when he says there is trouble brewing at his clinic and asks her to keep an eye out for anything unusual.
Every Marine needs a mission. To appease his family, Andrew heads to Aruba to track down what he believes is a wild goose chase. Expecting to discover nothing, he meets a quirky, irresistible virgin who is just about to turn his whole world upside down.

His questions will put her in danger.

Her love will set him free.

What will they gain and what will they lose when they both decide to. . .let it burn?



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