5 Star Review ☆ Lemons and Lemonade: My Midlife Dabble in Online Romance by David H Mathews


Lemons and lemonade- my midlife dabble in online romance by David H Mathews

Reviewed by Gloria

Lemons and Lemonade was a fun, irreverent look at modern dating through the eyes of an old(er) man.  😉
  A story full of sarcasm, wit and ultimately, hope of finding good love, Dave takes us along on his journey of self-discovery with fun anecdotes and hilarious characters.  I laughed out loud one minute and then thought, ‘I know that gal…’ the next.

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“What you are about to read is frequently salty, occasionally convoluted, and in all ways, very personal. These true and sometimes ribald tales did actually occur during my online dating dabble between wife number two and wife number three…”

Neither a primer on online dating, nor a gender-biased lament on love gone wrong, David H. Mathews’ memoir, Lemons and Lemonade explores the connections and disconnections he made while searching the .com world for romance.


After subscribing to a dating site, David struggles to concoct a suitably provocative profile, stumbles and falls with several mismatched matches, then finally connects with, and promptly marries Clare, the love of his life. Actual email exchanges chronicle their blurringly fast courtship.


David shares his honest-to-God interactions with honest-to-God women in the voice of a plain-speaking Indiana farm boy who spent his youth playing basketball, fondling cheerleaders, baling hay, and shoveling manure.


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