5 Star ARC Review ☆ The Devil’s Pride (Wild Beasts #1) by T. Birmingham






The Devil’s Pride (Wild Beasts Series) T. Birmingham

Reviewed by Jacqui

Wow. This book was amazing for new paranormal/urban romance writer T. Birmingham. I’m a big fan of paranormal stories and this series has all the makings of being a new favorite.

Supernatural books can sometimes get complicated with so many supernatural races being thrown into a story. But T. Birmingham has written a story that not only will suck you in from page one but leave you shaking your head just when you thought you knew what was going to happen.

Alexia is different. Red hair and red eyes, her life in the foster care system has left her just wanting to belong. Now that she is older and has been accepted for her differences, her life seems to be settling down. Her best friend Mindy has always been her biggest supporter and the one person who has the ability to calm her when needed. But her life is about to be upended by a series of brutal murders in her town of Monteville, NY. What is draining these people of their blood and why is it happening? She is about to find out the truth to her unusual appearance courtesy of a tall, dark, and extremely handsome man-bear.

Devon has come back to Monteville to help figure out why the murders are happening. Reunited with his twin brother Cam, aka Mindy’s boyfriend, he is about to shake up the truth of who and what they all are. A world that revolves around Light and Dark Clans. A world where a redhead with red eyes is not unheard of. Where Light and Dark Clans don’t mix. All of that is about to change when Devon meets Alexia. Though hardly love at first sight, their chemistry is off the charts which makes this story even that much better.

This book had me guessing. Just when I thought I had things figured out, T. Birmingham would throw me off and make the story that much more intriguing. The story flowed so easily and it was hard to have to go to sleep while reading it. So yes, I blame T. Birmingham for the bags under my eyes. It’s a “just one more page/chapter” kind of book that has you reading all night. So thank you T. Birmingham for an amazing new paranormal series! I for one cannot wait to see where these characters and you will take us. Congrats on your first book!!

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Thousands of years ago, the Skröm split off from the Light Clans and became Dark. Their greed for blood consumed them. Their once orange eyes bled to red, and they became one of the demons of legend. And when they die, they do not rest. They haunt. The take. They devour. Their souls become Shadows. Darkness. Death.

Alexia Maria Garda-Martinez was born a monster. Red hair. Red eyes. Pale skin. And nowhere to call home. But after years of foster home and state homes, she has finally found her niche. A family. A promising career. And a life that’s fulfilling.

When a brutal, ritualistic murder hits too close to home in her small, college town of Montville, New York, Alexia is pulled into a world of good versus evil that will have her questioning who she is and whether she really is the freak, the monster so many have thought.

But she is not alone in this fight.

The Skröm and the Shadows are closing in, and Alexia and the Light Clans must stop the darkness at all costs. Will she be able to fight her darker instincts, or will the devil inside of her draw her into its seductive web?

Disclaimer: Smexy scenes, kickass heroines, murder, mystery, fantasy…And yes, Man Bears. Please note: there are some scenes of abuse




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About the Author

T. spends most of her days teaching college-aged kids how to practice proper grammar and how to write a paragraph. Her passion, though, lies in Literature and she loves instilling her love of writing, of words, and of creative adventures in the future leaders of America (yikes!).

T. writes stories in her wee apartment with a tortoise her nephew calls Yoda, but who she has secretly renamed Hagrid (because Harry Potter is way cool). She’s traveled all over but still needs to hit all seven continents (and thinking maybe six will do).

In each story she writes, she tries to capture the heart of the characters and the relationships. Some people would say that the story line is the most important. Others would say the grammar. But T. believes that a truly good story has, first and foremost, complex characters and powerful relationships. She writes Urban Fantasy/PNR and really loves the drama and the epic moments that fantasy brings about. Who doesn’t love a good dramatic moment or an even better sex or fight scene?

T. lives in Western Mass, is hoping to one day build a log cabin home in the mountains, is still searching for her own Man Bear, and watches Once Upon a Time and Nicolas Sparks movies when she needs to remind herself that fairy tales really do exist.

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