5 Star ARC Review ☆ Redeeming Rhys Mary Palmerin

Portrait of man with Halloween skull makeup

Portrait of man with Halloween skull makeup
Portrait of man with Halloween skull makeup

five gold starsReviewed by Jacqueline

ARC provided for honest review

I feel like I should write this review in the shadows. Confessing how much I love this woman and her dark twisted stories feels wrong, but oh so right. Add to this list Redeeming Rhys. This book will shock you to the core but be everything you expect from Mary Palmerin. I devoured every single page in one sitting.

Redeeming Rhys is a dark story with a character whose soul is blacker than black. His actions are not for the faint of heart.Things will shock you and make you stop for a moment. Despite all that, the brilliance of Mary Palmerin and her way to tell a story defies all of that. His story revolves around the one person that can save his soul and remind him he is not a bad boy. Wren holds the power over Rhys but their reunion is not a HEA. The end will having you shaking your head. Damn you (not really, I Love You) Mary Palmerin for once again drawing me into the dark side.

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Are people born pure?

Is evil learned, or is it birthed into one’s soul, like a fallen angel who was previously part of graciousness?

Rhys is decayed, black, and bad. He cut distortion out of his life years before, but he let her live; his only way to gain redemption once more.

As his sinful needs blanket him with dread, he seeks penance from the soul he saw as a second chance.

Is absolution too late for Rhys?


**Warning, dark scenes depicted heavily throughout this novel. Read the Author’s disclaimer carefully before proceeding with this title.**



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About Mary E. Palmerin


International bestselling author of the Monster series. Writer of dark, taboo tales. Lover of tattoos, art, and a hopeless book junkie.

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