5 Star ARC Review ☆ Lance (Male Model Chronicles #2) by Christi Snow


gold star

Reviewed by Jacqueline

Lance (Male Model Chronicles #2) by Christi Snow

ARC received for an honest review

Lance Jones, the man, the myth, the guy who is on the cover of every romance novel you see lately! For good reason. You have to admit the guy is gorgeous and the tattoos mixed in help indeed. Christi Snow has taken that mix and turned it into a short story worthy of reading to get your Lance fix and HEA. In this case, Lance Jones is Matthew Lancer, billionaire, Italian suit wearing CEO during the day. But one call from Shauna Kruse and he sheds the suit and and becomes Lance Jones, model for Andi Kelly, Erotic author and shy quiet fan of his. Of course she is smitten with the model but aside from fantasies, doesn’t see anything happening. Wrong. From there, she is caught up in his business life as an unknown pawn to take him down. She keeps hearing the name Matthew Lancer and has no idea who that is. That is until he is brought into where she is unconscious. Let the feisty side of her be released!

The stories are fun to read (this is the second in the series after Justin) and give a little flirtiness to the men we all like to see on the cover of our books. That is fine by me! Lance, feel free to buy me Louboutin’s! Thank you Christi Snow for another great read! Thank you Shauna Kruse for the cover picture! Thank you Lance Jones for humbling me and taking your picture with me once.


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