4 Star Review


Reviewed by Jacqui

Mabon Mystery (Pagan Pleasures Book 3)

Reviewed by Jacqui


This is the third book in the Pagan Pleasures series by Lilliana Roseย . I am enjoying this series! Each couple has something different in their magic.

Asiza has taken a break from her busy schedule and headed to the coast to figure out who she is. ย  She goes to work in Crystal Sands to help promote Mabon. ย As a graphic artist, she creates some amazing artwork. Her creativity is flowing here. Then a mysterious box with a starfish charm lands on her doorstep. ย She doesn’t know what it means and the mystery begins.

Kaedin is a Reiki healer at Crystal Sands. ย His ability to heal makes him popular. ย He has no memories of his parents save for a box his aunt and uncle gave him. ย He needs to figure out how to open it. ย Together, he and Asiza set out on a passionate exploration of each other as well as their mystery items. A mystery not to miss.

Lilliana Rose, I am absolutely enjoying this series! I like the paranormal side of the characters as well as the passion to create for each couple. Keep ’em coming!



Asiza has an ancestral past sheโ€™s repressed. With the Mabon energies building in intensity, and instead of feeling grateful, sheโ€™s forced to look into her ancestral past.

A mysterious parcel containing a starfish charm arrived at her home. Spooked, she takes up the invitation from Edi to come and help out at her shop, Crystal Sands. But it doesnโ€™t matter where she goes, her ancestral past will follow her.

Kaedin is a talented Reiki healer. His ability with the Magiks helps him to heal others, and heโ€™s started working at Crystal Sands, building his clientele. He doesnโ€™t know his ancestral past, and no matter how much searching heโ€™s done, no one can tell him what he yearns to learn. Even when he slips into the astral plane, all thatโ€™s there to greet him is darkness. His parents died when he was a baby, so he was raised by his aunt and uncle, who nurtured his talent in the Magiks. The only thing he has left which belonged to his parents is a puzzle box, made of jarrah, and heโ€™s spent years trying to open it, to find his past.

Asiza meets Kaedin, and straight away thereโ€™s an attraction between them. But each has a mystery to solve, a past which could stop them from having a future together.

Can they heal each other, to fall in love?

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