4 Star Review ☆ In Search of Lucy by Lia Fairchild

Publication Date: February 28, 2012


Reviewed by Gloria

In Search of Lucy

by Lia Fairchild
Lucy is the daughter of an abusive, alcoholic mother who stepped in to parent her step sister when mom was absent (which was often).  Her life had been cleaning up mom’s messes and running interference for her sister Katie.
Katie, who had a few more breaks but essentially the same awful upbringing, meets a man and leaves to start a new life.  She makes a nice life for herself, her husband and daughter.
Enter diabetes and kidney failure…
This is a story of family dynamics fraught with hurt and anger…and a story of hope and true love.  While the subject matter is very dark, there is just enough hope in the form of chosen family as well as blood.

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