4 Star Review ☆ Fallen For You (Killer Next Door Series #1) by Carlie Sexton


Fallen for you by Carlie Sexton

Reviewed by Gloria

Kate and Charlie have been best friends through thick and thin, and the last few years have been especially hard on Kate.  When they decide to move in together and find the perfect apartment, centrally located for both girls, they get more than they bargained for with Roger, the building manager.
The author’s dedication stated that this was her first book and what an ambitious undertaking this was!
Part romance, part mystery, part delightful red velvet cheesecake, I’d call this a winning combo.
Set in beautiful San Diego, Fallen for You is a sexy read.

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For the last three years, twenty-four-year-old Kate Simmons has blamed herself for her fiancé’s death…

She’s been unable to face the risks of a new relationship. But when Kate moves into a San Diego apartment with her best friend, Charlie, she’s ready for a new lease on life. What she doesn’t see coming is the onslaught of male attention headed her way.

Before Kate knows it, she has her pick of guys…

Roger Wilkins, the apartment building manager, is a really nice guy, and there’s no denying his attraction to Kate, despite the fact that he already has a girlfriend. Appearances can be deceiving, though—and Kate wonders if something dark lurks beneath the surface.

Then there’s Mark Baxter, Kate’s super attractive classmate. But he’s got a gaggle of girls after him, and Kate has no interest in becoming just another groupie.

Finally, there’s Neil Statton, Kate’s thirty-year-old alumni mentor. He hasn’t been in a relationship since his wife passed away, but he certainly knows how to attract the ladies. Plus, he always gets what he wants.

Kate’s blooming romances are tricky to juggle…

Kate has to choose, and it isn’t going to be easy. She doesn’t want to give Neil the time of day, while Mark pursues her relentlessly. When Roger informs her his girlfriend has been murdered, something feels off, and Kate becomes suspicious. What could Roger be hiding?

Kate is ready to live her life again, and romance is knocking. But she must choose.




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