4 Star ARC Review ☆Songs from Richmond Avenue by Michael Reed

51pnpaj8colSongs from Richmond Avenue
by Michael Reed
Received ARC for honest review.
Reviewed by Gloria
Although it started a little slowly, I enjoyed the perspective and the characters….More salty than sweet and full of foibles and good intentions.
The storyteller and the characters were eccentric and likable and I could visualize them inside the Relix Bar.
“for all the women who have walked down to the corner and gotten on the bus alone, and to Bob Dylan for Like a Rolling Stone” was the dedication. Pretty Michelle was the girl and I think you’d like to meet her. Give this one a read!

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If the adage “nothing civilized ever resulted from the drinking of beer” requires further proof, one needs look no farther than down Houston’s pothole-infested Richmond Avenue. There, the blurry-eyed denizens of the Relix Club wile away the hours engaged in their two favorite activities – drinking and betting.


Until recently that was good enough for our storyteller, a journalist of questionable work ethic, who undergoes an epiphany following a bus stop meeting with pretty Michelle, a woman he declares has “skin so perfect I doubted she even had pores.”


Could she be his redemption? Maybe, but first he’d better contend with her baseball bat-wielding former beau, her nihilistic stripper roommate and the suspicious death of a friend, who fancies himself the father of Brute Generation poetry.


Mostly satire, often wildly unpredictable, the only real long shot in Songs From Richmond Avenue would be for its protagonist to put down his beer long enough to learn anything of true value.



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