4 Star ARC Review ☆ Tattered on My Sleeve by Autumn Jones Lake



Reviewed by Suzi

Tattered on My Sleeve by Autumn Jones Lake

ARC received for honest review

I love the author’s use of a glossary at the beginning of the book. The fact that she took the care to highlight terms that most people would not know the meaning of shows her dedication mixed with the fact that she did this in book #4 was even better. When I read the description of this book I did not realize it was the 4th book in a series. Once I realized that, I thought I would have a hard time following the story line. I was wrong! I love the way the author flips the chapters and the POV from chapter to chapter. It helps you get a better understanding of how each person thinks and feels. I found myself in complete understanding with them and was so immersed in the story it was almost as if I was right there with them the entire time.

Holy mother of drool!!! I want a Wrath of my own…. This big, strong, tattooed Sergeant At Arms will visit me in my dreams quite frequently. As most Outlaw Bikers go he is scary and intimidating, he and his “brothers” are all about the girls, the party and taking care of business, whatever the business might be.

Trinity is not the type of girl you think you would find slinging beers at the local biker bar. She looks sweet and fragile. She is far from it and she is about to give Wrath who she has affectionately named Wrecking Ball a run for his money.

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