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Allied in Flight (Through the Veil #2) by Christi Snow

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Reviewed by Jacqui

When the rescue mission of the Others ends with Griff’s capture, Shar is surprised to find that her connection to Savannah is gone but a new connection to an unknown man opens up. With the ES never having seen the likes of Griff, they use Shar to try and seduce him to learn more information about him. When she learns that he is the one who tried to save her, a true connection is formed between them. Now they must work together to get away from the ES labs. In doing so they find a love in each other. With the help of the Rebellion and a man from Shar’s past, they find their way out but only to lose each other again while trying to fight the connection they have. Their love for each needs to keep them stronger to continue to help find the truth of the Veil and the ES.


Always a fan of Christi Snow, I am looking forward to more stories in this series. Since I read one right after the other it helped to keep the stories fresh. But now I fear I will have to wait awhile for the next one. But with the idea of the characters coming up, they no doubt will be worth the wait. So once again, thank you Christi Snow for another great read. I can’t wait to see where this series goes!

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A rescue gone wrong.

It was supposed to be simple. Four members from the Western States planned to sneak into the Eastern States to free four condemned Others. But when they arrived at the experimental labs where the Others were being held, it was under attack from Rebel forces.

Griff Hughes had one job…

He had to find Shar, a wounded hawk shifter. But in the ensuing chaos, he became a captive instead of a rescuer. Three days later he awakens in his own cage, alone. But during the nights, he’s not alone. An alluring redhead with a siren’s call visits his dreams, and his resistance is breaking down.

Shar McIntire is just trying to survive.

After three years in captivity, Shar has one goal…keep her and her sister alive. To do so means cooperating with the evil doctors who want her to seduce and manipulate Griff. She likes and is drawn to the man with the strange chocolate wings, but she can’t let that attraction distract her. Her sister’s fate is in her hands.

In the last eighteen years, life hasn’t been easy for anyone.

The WS and the ES have been separate entities, but once the Veil was crossed, things began to evolve. It’s a new world, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to get easier anytime soon.

Book #2 in the Through the Veil series



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About the Author

As an avid reader her entire life, Christi Snow always dreamed of writing books that brought to others the kind of joy she felt when she read. But…she never did anything about it besides jot down a few ideas and sparse scenes.

When she turned 41, she decided it was time to go after her dream and started writing. Within four months, she’d written over 150,000 words and hasn’t stopped since.

She’s found her calling by writing about sexy, alpha heroes and smart, tough heroines falling in love and finding their passion. She’s truly living the dream and loving every minute of it.

Her tagline is… Passion and adventure on the road to Happily Ever After. She’s loving this adventure!

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