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New Release + 4 Star ARC Review ☆ Slaying The Dragon by T.K. Leigh

Reviewed by Suzi
ARC received for honest review

This book was like a maze, it took you through all sorts of twists and turns. You should always follow your gut, or should you…….

Tyler isn’t your typical alpha male, sure he’s wealthy, tall and well-built but he wears his heart on his sleeve and carries his guilt in a way that tugs at your heart strings. He’s woven a web of lies and caused a path of destruction. He has come to a crossroad and now must choose a path; will he right his wrongs or give it all up?

Mackenzie, how can one person have such horrible luck? It’s just one thing after another for someone who seems to have it all together and every minute planed to a tee.  She sure knows how to throw you a curve ball. Finally settled into what has become her normal, Tyler shows up and derails her from the get-go leaving her to wonder if she will ever truly be free.

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I should have resisted him, but I couldn’t. My addiction to him was all-consuming, the high from his touch unlike any other.
Without him, I couldn’t focus, couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe.
With him, I hated myself for being too weak to fight the devil himself.
And Tyler Burnham was the devil.
He used me.
He lied to me.

But he loved me. And he still does.Unable to stop thinking about the man who deceived her, Mackenzie Delano struggles to move on with her life and forget that Tyler Burnham ever walked into her life. But she still aches for him, despite his betrayal. Her mind is at war with her heart, a war that could be the difference between living and dying.

Tyler Burnham is lost without Mackenzie. As he contemplates the meaning of everything, he tries to find a way to prove that his feelings for her are true. That he would walk through fire to keep her at his side. That he would sacrifice it all…his career, his fortune, his life…to protect her.

The truth is, he may just have to…

Recommended for readers 18 & up due to strong language, explicit sexual situations, and graphic violence.

This is the second book in a two-book duet, which must be read in order. If you have not yet read Chasing The Dragon, please start there.

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Also Available
#1 Chasing The Dragon


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“Wait, Mackenzie!” Tyler cried out after me. “Tell me what you want me to say and I’ll say it! Letting you walk away from me once was the biggest mistake of my life. I won’t do it again.”

I spun around just as I was about to open the front door. “You let me walk away from you?” I hissed, my teeth clenched.

“That’s not what I meant.” He ran his hands through his dark brown hair and I could see the desperation wash over him. “What I meant to say is all the lies, all of it… I’m so sorry I put you through it. But do you think I regret any of it?” His eyes grew more intense and impassioned, his chest heaving as he poured his heart out to me. “Not for a second.”

I glared at him, waiting for him to explain.

“If it wasn’t for all the lies, for my assignment, I never would have met you, so I’m not going to say I regret a fucking second of any of it. I don’t care what it takes to win back your heart. You can push me away all you want. You can tell me you’ll never forgive me, that there will never be an us again, but I will always come back for you. A hundred times. A thousand times. I will fight for us until I take my last breath.”

He stepped toward me, grabbing my hand in his, caressing my knuckles in such a delicate way that made me want to melt into a puddle.

“Please, Mackenzie…” He leaned toward me, brushing his lips against my forehead, kissing me so delicately, so lightly. “Serafina,” he whispered, “tell me what it will take and I’ll do it.”

Despite everything he had just said, I simply couldn’t let him back in. Relationships were based on trust, and Tyler took my trust and used it against me. I couldn’t forget that, no matter how much my skin yearned for his touch.

“You want to know what it’s going to take?” I asked softly, freeing my hand from his grasp.

He nodded, nervous anticipation radiating through his body as he looked at me with eager eyes.

“It’ll take one more time,” I murmured, opening the door. Peering over my shoulder, I saw his deflated expression. “It will always take one more time.”

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Author Bio

T.K. Leigh, otherwise known as Tracy Leigh Kellam, is the USA Today Best Selling author of the Beautiful Mess series. Originally from New England, she now resides in sunny Southern California with her husband, dog and three cats, all of which she has rescued (including the husband). When she’s not planted in front of her computer, writing away, she can be found running and training for her next marathon (of which she has run over fifteen fulls and far too many halfs to recall). Unlike Olivia, the main character in her Beautiful Mess series, she has yet to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

T.K. Leigh is represented by Jane Dystel of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management. All publishing inquiries, including audio, foreign, and film rights, should be directed to her.



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New Release ☆ SEDUCE ME (Stark Trilogy #3.8) by J Kenner

Perfect for readers of Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You, this steamy eBook novella from J. Kenner, bestselling author of Release Me, features powerful billionaire Damien Stark and his wife, Nikki Fairchild, on their impromptu getaway to Las Vegas—and there’s no better place to turn up the heat than in Sin City.

I’ve never felt as close to anyone as I have with Damien Stark. I know every line of his body, every secret within his soul. There’s nothing I crave more than his touch, and with his kiss, he seals his claim.

Las Vegas is the perfect place for us, where we can indulge every desire and fantasy. But when someone from my past resurfaces, I can’t ignore my instinct that I have to make things right.

With Damien by my side, I feel safe no matter the danger. Our passion protects us, drives us, makes us whole. His pleasure is an exquisite game, and one that I’ll play forever.

Seduce Me is intended for mature audiences.


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Praise for J. Kenner and The Stark Trilogy

“Kenner may very well have cornered the market on sinfully
attractive, dominant antiheroes and the women who swoon for them.”—RT Book Reviews
“J. Kenner has written a sensually seductive storyline that
catches your imagination. . . . [Release Me] will suck you in from the very
start.”—The Reading Cafe
“[A] sexy and exciting ride.”—Fresh Fiction, on Claim Me
“[An] immensely satisfying series . . . The roller coaster
events of Complete Me give this novel a page-turning quality.”—Heroes and Heartbreakers
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J. Kenner (aka Julie Kenner) is the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Wall Street Journal and #1 International bestselling author of over seventy novels, novellas and short stories in a variety of genres.

Though known primarily for her award-winning and internationally bestselling erotic romances (including the Stark and Most Wanted series) that have reached as high as #2 on the New York Times bestseller list and #1 internationally, JK has been writing full time for over a decade in a variety of genres including paranormal and contemporary romance, “chicklit” suspense, urban fantasy, and paranormal mommy lit.

JK has been praised by Publishers Weekly as an author with a “flair for dialogue and eccentric characterizations” and by RT Bookclub for having “cornered the market on sinfully attractive, dominant antiheroes and the women who swopn for him.” A four time finalist for Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA award, JK took home the first RITA trophy awarded in the category of erotic romance in 2014 for her novel, Claim Me (book 2 of her Stark Trilogy).

WEBSITE ☆  FACEBOOK ☆  TWITTER ☆  INSTAGRAM ☆  YouTube ☆  Amazon Author Page

New Release ☆ STROKE OF MIDNIGHT by Lara Adrian

Stroke of Midnight - RDL banner

Stroke of Midnight - Cover

We are so excited to bring you the Release Day Launch for Lara Adrian’s STROKE OF MIDNIGHT! STROKE OF MIDNIGHT is a Midnight Breed Series Novella brought to you by 1001 Dark Nights. Be sure to grab your copy of this sexy novella today!


She didn’t know the exact moment when the air between them changed from simply hot and playful to something darker. Something so fierce and powerful, it made all of her nerve endings stand at full attention.

Jehan wanted her.

She’d have to be an idiot not to realize that.

She wanted him too.

And she was too smart to think for one second that he hadn’t picked up on her staggering awareness of him as a man. As a dangerously seductive Breed male who could have her carotid caught in his teeth just as swiftly as he could have her legs parted beneath the driving pound of his muscular body.

Sera swallowed hard, her breath and heart racing as she slowed to a stop before him.

She glanced down, to where she was tethered to his strong hands by the unraveled length of red silk.

Although she was covered where it counted, there wasn’t much of her dress left. Most of it lay on the floor at her feet; yards of scarlet pooled in the scant space between her body and Jehan’s.

She licked her lips as she struggled for words. She should tell him to go, but everything female in her yearned for him to stay. She was no trembling virgin, no stranger to sex. But never with a Breed male. And the electricity that crackled to life between Jehan and her was something she’d never felt before.

It was arresting.


Terrifying in its intensity.

Yet it wasn’t fear of him she felt when she held his piercing light blue eyes. It was fear of herself and of the way he made her feel. Fear of the things he made her want.

“Jehan, I…” She shook her head, unsure what she meant to say to him.



Forget the fact that neither one of them had come to this place willingly, nor intended to walk away from the archaic tradition with a blood-bonded mate?

But that’s not what this moment was about.

What she saw in Jehan’s amber-swamped gaze right now didn’t have anything to do with their romantic surroundings or the expectation and hopes of their families. The things she was feeling had nothing to do with any of that either.

It was desire, pure and simple.

Immediate and intense.

Her body throbbed with it, longing pounding furiously in her breast and stirring a molten heat in the center of her. She drew a shallow breath—then held it tight as Jehan reached out to caress her cheek. His warm fingers felt hard and strong against her face, but he stroked her with such tenderness, she couldn’t hold back the soft moan that spilled past her lips.


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About STROKE OF MIDNIGHT: A Midnight Breed Series Novella

Born to a noble Breed lineage steeped in exotic ritual and familial duty, vampire warrior Jehan walked away from the luxurious trappings of his upbringing in Morocco to join the Order’s command center in Rome.

But when a generations-old obligation calls Jehan home, the reluctant desert prince finds himself thrust into an unwanted handfasting with Seraphina, an unwilling beauty who’s as determined as he is to resist the antiquated pact between their families.

Yet as intent as they are to prove their incompatibility, neither can deny the attraction that ignites between them. And as Jehan and Seraphina fight to resist the calling of their blood, a deadly enemy seeks to end their uneasy truce before it even begins….

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Stroke Of Midnight - Teaser 1

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Lara Adrian - author picAbout Lara Adrian:

Lara Adrian is the New York Times, USA Today and #1 internationally bestselling author of the Midnight Breed vampire romance series and seven award-winning, historical romances, previously released under the pen name Tina St. John.

Lara’s Midnight Breed series is available in hardcover, mass market paperback and e-book through Random House, and in limited edition through Doubleday Book Club, Rhapsody Book Club, Book of The Month, and the Science Fiction Book Club. Unabridged audio editions are available through Tantor Media, Random House Audio, Amazon, iTunes, etc. Lara’s new releases regularly appear on all of the key bestseller lists including including theNew York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Indiebound,, Barnes & Noble, etc. There are more than 2 million copies of the Midnight Breed novels in print in the United States.

Visit Lara Adrian’s website.

Website ☆ Facebook ☆ Twitter ☆ Newsletter Sign Up 

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Stroke of Midnight - Available Now

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5 Star ARC Review ☆ NEVER SAY NEVER by Emily Goodwin

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five gold stars

Reviewed by Jacqueline

Never Say Never Emily Goodwin

ARC received for honest review 

It’s nice to come across a story touches you on so many levels. For me this was one of those stories. It’s heartbreaking in the beginning for the main character Haley and the devastating loss of her mom. Guilt keeps her from enjoying life. Along comes the new Hollywood “it” guy who is dumbfounded that she doesn’t want him. That never happens. His life is all about drinking to hide his pain and the fear of only being known for being one kind of actor. They both have something to learn from each other if they will just believe in themselves. It’s an emotional ride for both but so enjoyable to read. Add to the story of Haley and her rescue of horses and I was hooked, plus the vision of a hot guy with a colt sleeping on his lap didn’t hurt.

This book just made me happy when I was done. I liked the chemistry of the characters, the way the story flowed and the way the ending played out. It was a feel good story that was emotional but in the end made you just feel good about relationships. Thank you Emily Goodwin for a great read! I look forward to reading more from you!

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My life was full of nevers.

It was never supposed to go this way. I was never supposed to lose Mom so soon. I was never supposed to worry about making ends meet, to worry about losing the farm. I never thought I’d be working a job I hate, with a boss who was more interested in what was under my shirt than in my head. Saving neglected and abused horses had been my whole life. It was my reprieve, my sanity, my last saving grace in a cruel world. I never thought I’d grow to resent it, but I guess there is a first for everything.

Then I met him.

The Hollywood playboy. The entitled, cocky asshole that I can’t get out of my head. I never thought there could be more to him than sex appeal and an infamous reputation of loving and leaving. I never thought I’d fall for him, put my heart on the line, and risk letting him completely destroy me.

But you know what they tell you…never say never.


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Bloody hell, I want her. Without taking my mouth off of hers, I reach down and pull up her shirt, exposing her breasts. I trail kisses down her neck and bury my head between her tits.

Her legs wrap around me and she arches her back. She wants this too, and I know it’s more than just physical lust. She needs to feel the connection, to be touched, just as badly as I do. My hands run over the smooth skin of her stomach. I unbutton her jeans and move back up, putting my lips to hers once more.

I slide my hands down, intending on taking off her trousers. I feel the scar tissue beneath my fingers and she flinches.

“Sorry,” I pant. “Does it hurt?”

She turns her head away and closes her eyes. “Yes.”

“I’ll be careful,” I tell her.

“I know.” She doesn’t look at me. “I’m just…”

“Haley?” I grind my erection against her. It’s straining against my trousers so hard it’s starting to hurt. I need to be inside her.

“It’s ugly and gross, and I’m sorry.” I sit up to look, but she pulls me back down, shaking her head. “You don’t want to see it, trust me.”

I press a kiss to her forehead. “Haley,” I pant. “Nothing about you is ugly or gross.” Our eyes lock, faces just inches from each other. “I have scars too.”

“I know,” she whispers, gently running her finger over the jagged line above my eye. “I like your scars.”

“Let me like yours.”

Still looking into my eyes, she moves her head up and down. I rock back and gently move her shirt up. Rough, raised skin stretches tightly along her side. It’s pink and rippled, mapping a web of pain from the curve of her hip up to the side of her breast. A knot forms in my stomach, but it’s not from the sight of her. It’s from knowing that her flesh has been melted, that she has felt so much pain and was left with this as a reminder she has to live with every day.

“It’s hideous, isn’t it?” she asks, unable to look at me. “Like Freddy Kruger.”

“No, not at all like him.” I move down and gently press my lips to her scar. “You’re beautiful, Haley.”

She trembles under me, and I kiss her scar one more time. “I’m glad you think so,” she says, tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry.”

I wipe the tears away. “Don’t be sorry.” She closes her eyes and nods, pushing her shirt down and covering the scar on her side. I tip my head and push up her sleeve. The scar on her shoulder isn’t as bad. The skin is flat and shiny, and not as pink. I sweep my finger over it and then press my lips against that scar too.

“I wish you could see you the way I do. You’d see that you are beautiful.”

“Aiden,” she says as tears roll down her face. Then she’s pulling me on her again, and we kiss in a fury of passion. The same tightness plagues me, and I have to turn away to cough again. I bury my face in her breasts, trying to catch my breath. “Are you feeling okay?” she asks.

No, I’m not. But I’m so turned on, so wrapped up in her, it doesn’t matter. “I’m good enough.” She smiles and everything is right in the world again. “I want you,” I confess.

“I want you too,” she says.

I grin and put my lips to her neck, softly sucking on her skin. She lets out a moan. I hold myself up on my elbows and take her hands in mine, pushing them above her head. She squirms underneath me, rubbing herself against my erection.

I trail kisses down her neck, over her soft breasts and onto her stomach. She lifts her hips, and I slip her jeans over her arse and pull them down to her knees. She kicks them off and wraps her legs around me, bringing me in.

Her phone rings. “Ignore it,” she pants, and she lifts her head up to kiss me. She doesn’t have to tell me twice. Her fingers run through my hair again, and I can hardly take it. The phone stops ringing and she reaches for me, fingers hovering over my belt.

Then her phone rings again. “It’s probably Lori,” she tells me as she undoes the buckle. Her hands are so close to my cock. She’s moving slow on purpose, teasing me, and I love and hate her for it at the same time. “She’ll leave a message if it’s important.”

“Okay,” I rush out, holding my hips up. She pulls the belt through the loops and lets it drop to the floor. She takes hold of my zipper and runs her hand over me through the outside of my trousers. Fuck, I need her.

Tantalizing, she moves her hands back up, fingernails running over the skin on my sides. I’m about ready to take off my own fucking trousers. Her hands sweep back down and unbutton my jeans. The zipper comes down on its own, unable to hold back my erection. I yank them off. She sticks her hand inside my boxers, fingers curling around my cock, and I melt at her touch.

Then her phone rings again. Three calls in a row—that’s never a good sign. She freezes, my cock in her hand. My lips are against hers, my tongue in her mouth, and I think about how good it would feel if my dick went in there.

She shakes her head and starts pumping her hand. I want inside of her. I want to connect as one, feeling physically how she makes me feel inside. I don’t want to just fuck her. I want to make love to her.

I’ve never, ever wanted that before.

She tugs my boxers down, and I’m overcome with want. I take my mouth off hers and remove her shirt, staring at her large breasts for a few seconds before moving back down. Both of her hands are on my arse, and she’s pulling me down, pressing me into her, the thin material of her nickers keeping us apart. She’s so warm, and I know she wants me as badly as I want her.

“Do you want to go upstairs?” she pants, sliding her hand around my thighs.

I don’t care where we go, as long as I’m with her. “This is fine,” I say, only because letting her go isn’t something I can do right now. We’re cramped together on the couch and a bed would be better, especially for our first time. Though the passion between us is unlike anything I’ve felt before, and I know no matter where we are, making love to Haley is going to be transcendent.

Her heart is racing against mine. She nods and widens her legs. I slip my hands behind her and unclasp her bra, slowly rolling each strap down until her breasts come free.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” I whisper before I press my mouth to her, flicking my tongue against her erect nipple. She moans again and takes hold of the hem of my shirt. I hold my arms up and she pulls it off, dropping it on the floor next to us. Her eyes sweep over me.

“So are you,” she says, and her eyes land on my cock. It turns me on to see her staring at it with hunger and lust in her eyes. I dive back down, moving to the side just enough to run my hand over her stomach and inside her nickers. My breath catches when I feel her wetness, and my want intensifies. I put my lips on the soft skin inside her neck, kissing her as I stroke my fingers over her core.

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About the Author


Emily Goodwin is the author of the twice banned dark romance, STAY, as well as over a dozen other titles. Emily writes all types of romance, from love stories set in the zombie apocalypse to contemporary romances taking place on a western horse ranch. Emily lives in Indiana with her husband, children, and many pets, including a German Shepherd named Vader. When she isn’t writing, Emily can be found riding her horses, designing and making costumes, and sitting outside with a good book.

Facebook ☆ Goodreads ☆ Website

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5 Star ARC Review ☆ Under My Skin (Stark International Trilogy #3) J. Kenner


five gold stars

Reviewed by Jacqueline

Under My Skin (Stark International Trilogy #3) J. Kenner

ARC received for honest review

If there was any doubt that J Kenner would end this series on an emotional roller coaster, you will not be disappointed. With Jackson and Sylvia’s personal and professional lives being sabotaged from every side, their darkest secrets are fighting to be kept under the surface. Trying to keep it together and stay together has become the challenge for this favorite couple of Kenner’s. She writes them has hard driven professionals that keep themselves busy with work to get through the day. But at night, when they need to let go, J Kenner has a way of writing some of the best sexual scenes to help relieve stress. And with Jackson in control, Sylvia is more than ready to let him release that stress. All for the benefit of us, the reader.

As with any J Kenner, series I am always sad when they end. But know, that in due time, there will be another one ready to draw me in. Thank you J Kenner for another amazing series. I can’t wait for what’s to come next.


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Jackson Steele and Sylvia Brooks are back in the powerful finale of a provocative, sizzling-hot new erotic trilogy set in the world of J. Kenner’s beloved Stark novels: Release Me, Claim Me, and Complete Me.

He’s the only man I’ve ever loved, and the one man I can’t bear to lose. 

Jackson Steele is my light in this world. Charismatic, bold, and always in control, he knows what he wants and how to get it—and absolutely nothing stands in his way. His hold on me is magnetic, his claim on me complete, his kiss my ultimate escape.

We both harbor dark secrets that could tear our lives apart. Though we’ve tried to bury our pasts, there are certain people who won’t let us forget. But the closer danger comes, the brighter the fire between us burns—our ecstasy consuming and soothing us both.

There’s no telling what lies ahead, but I know that Jackson never gives in without a fight. I’d do anything he wants to keep him safe, give him anything he needs. And now that we’re in deep, nothing can make me run.

Under My Skin is intended for mature audiences.

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About the Author

J. Kenner (aka Julie Kenner) is the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Wall Street Journal and #1 International bestselling author of over seventy novels, novellas and short stories in a variety of genres.

Though known primarily for her award-winning and internationally bestselling erotic romances (including the Stark and Most Wanted series) that have reached as high as #2 on the New York Times bestseller list and #1 internationally, JK has been writing full time for over a decade in a variety of genres including paranormal and contemporary romance, “chicklit” suspense, urban fantasy, and paranormal mommy lit.

JK has been praised by Publishers Weekly as an author with a “flair for dialogue and eccentric characterizations” and by RT Bookclub for having “cornered the market on sinfully attractive, dominant antiheroes and the women who swopn for him.” A three time finalist for Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA award, JK took home the first RITA trophy awarded in the category of erotic romance in 2014 for her novel, Claim Me (book 2 of her Stark Trilogy).

In her previous career as an attorney, JK worked as a clerk on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and practiced primarily civil, entertainment and First Amendment litigation in Los Angeles and Irvine, California, as well as in Austin, Texas. She currently lives in Central Texas, with her husband, two daughters, and two rather spastic cats.

Website ❤︎ Facebook ❤︎ Twitter ❤︎ Goodreads

5 Star ARC Review ☆ Lust (The Allure Chronicles #2) by Alyssa Rose Ivy


five gold stars

Lust (The Allure Chronicles #2) by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Reviewed by Jacqueline

ARC received for honest review

The newest series from Alyssa Rose Ivy will have you falling in love with Owen. First introduced in the Crescent Chronicles, Owen, a pteron, gives Daisy the kiss of her life 2 years earlier. Now Daisy has returned to New Orleans to find Owen. What she finds instead is another group of paranormals that are interested in her. The Allures. They can sense the essence of Allure on her left over from the Seduction’s Kiss (Prequel) paste she was given. Once Daisy finds Owen and they continue that first great kiss, she must now use the help of the Allures to help her not become one of them.

If you are already a fan of Alyssa Rose Ivy, you will know her craft for writing amazing paranormal stories. Fans will be glad to see Owen with his own story and the return of some other characters. Plus the introduction of the Allures and their world. Warning: This is a cliffhanger! But it will be worth the wait! Thank you Alyssa Rose Ivy for bringing us this new series!


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After years of searching Daisy and Owen have finally found each other, only to face the threat of being forced apart. If they are unable to stop Daisy from becoming an Allure, she will forever lose the ability to love.

Desperate to stop the change before time runs out, they must decide what price they are willing to pay to save their love.

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About the Author

Alyssa Rose Ivy is the bestselling author of more than twenty-five novels with over half a million books sold worldwide. She loves to weave stories with romance and humor, and she is best known for writing about college boys with wings and skinny dipping. After surviving law school and earning her masters in library science, she turned back to her creative side and decided to write. Although raised in the New York area, she fell in love with the South after moving to New Orleans for college. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and two young children, and she can usually be found with a cup of coffee in her hand.

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5 Star ARC Review ☆ Chasing Mr Wrong (Chasing Love #4) by Joya Ryan


five gold stars

Reviewed by Gloria

Chasing Mr Wrong by Joya Ryan

Chasing Mr Wrong was a delightful read.
Ryder is the man.  He’s “not a cowboy” (he keeps saying that) but he’s always wearing a Stetson and a sexy smirk.
Whitney is the lucky lady…although she doesn’t feel lucky…
This story is punctuated with joy and hope, tears and tragedy and plenty of steamy sexy situations.
Grab a beverage and get lost in Chasing Mr Wrong. You’ll be glad you did.
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Who needs Mr. Right when you can have the perfect Mr. Wrong?

Ryder Diamond-the town’s golden boy-doesn’t have time for taking chances, let alone love. Against his better judgment, he lets his buddies set him up on a blind date with a girl who’s only passing through town. But temporary or not, Whitney James sets fire to desires he can’t control.

Before they know it, Ryder and Whitney are in a supply closet, drowning in lust. She’s only in town for the summer-what better way to spend it than in the arms of Mr. Perfect? Except, she’s wild and free, and he’s Mr. Stability. Which means he may as well be Mr. Wrong.

And her new job? It’s with Ryder’s sister.

Sex and the inability to keep their hands off each other are the only things they have in common. But this little hook-up has “disaster” written all over it…and the only way Ryder can save his reputation is by avoiding the sweet little firecracker who could ruin it all.

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About the Author

National and international bestselling author Joya Ryan is the author of the Shattered Series (Break Me Slowly, Possess Me Slowly and Capture Me Slowly), the Sweet Torment Series (Breathe You In, Only You), and The Chasing Love Series (Chasing Trouble, Chasing Temptation, Chasing Desire).

Passionate about both cooking and dancing (despite not being too skilled at the latter), she loves spending time at home color coding things. She resides in California with her husband and her two sons. Visit Joya Ryan online

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4 Star Review ☆ The Best of Roosh Vol 1 by V. Roosh



Reviewed by Gloria

The Best of Roosh Vol 1 by V. Roosh

This is a book of advice for American men on how to bang women in America and around the world.  It’s an irreverent take on today’s sexuality.
He basically hates feminism, equality, and women.  I laughed a lot (not so much with him as at him) and shook my head often…but I say give it a read.  Lots of men are reading him and a little counter “intelligence” doesn’t hurt.  The grammar isn’t good and that bothered my sensibilities a bit but it’s worth reading if only so you won’t fall for this kind of guy’s BS.
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About the Author
Daryush Valizadeh, also known as Roosh V and Roosh Vorek, is an American pick-up artist of Iranian and Armenian descent, known for his writings on seduction and antifeminism. He writes on his personal blog and also owns the Return of Kings website where he publishes articles by others on related subjects. Additionally, Roosh has self-published 14 books, most of which offer advice to men on how to talk to, pick up, and ultimately sleep with women in general, as well as in specific countries.

4 Star Review (#FREEREAD) ☆ Whistling Dixie (Tempered Steel #1) by Maggie Adams



Reviewed by Suzi

Whistling Dixie by Maggie Adams

I enjoyed this story, it hit hit close to home. Being from the St. Louis area myself I have been up the river road and to Grafton many times. I remember the devastation by the floods in 1993 and then again a few years later. I love the fact that Maggie incorporated real life and everyday struggles in her book. I am also pretty positive that if I ever ran into a guy who didn’t refer to me as honey, darlin, baby, sweetheart or sugar, I would know he’s most likely not from around here. By Maggie adding that into her book it really throws you even more into how this town and the surrounding areas are. Little country towns where most spend their entire lives, everybody knows everybody and gossip runs high.
With that being said, the story had its ups and downs. It is a nice love story. I wish we would have gotten to know the charters as a separate a little better, but I like the fact that she gave you just enough to keep it a bit of a mystery. Maybe that’s something she will re-visit in another book….The age difference in this book may bother some but really should not. For this area its close to the norm, it is after all a small town.
Dixie is smart, sexy, and full of fire. She is hell on wheels with a temper of a ticked off goose.
Mac, everything you expect in a good ol’boy from a small town. Works hard, takes pride in everything he does and makes sure its perfect. He’s a relentless business man through and through. He’s on a mission to save his town.
If you have never visited Grafton I suggest you do, its breathtaking.  Jump on a bike or take your Jeep down the river road stop at one of the local wineries that overlook the bluffs. Stay at one of the bed and Breakfasts. Step inside this book.
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A man on a mission….
Mackenzie Coalson was determined to rebuild his hometown after a devastating flood left it in ruins. He has no time for a relationship and all the romantic junk that goes with it. He has a vandal to catch and no sweet smelling bundle of femininity is going to sway him.

A woman protecting her family…..
Dixie Harris charged into the county sheriff’s office with a sassy sway and a smart mouth, eager to give the sheriff, and anyone else, a piece of her mind. When she locks horns with the devil himself, in the form of Mac Coalson, she quickly learns he has a temper to rival hers, even if he’s the living epitome of her sexual fantasies.

When the two unite to catch a potential murderer, it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep it, “business only”. But that’s hard to do when their combined attraction is volatile enough to burn down the town.

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About the Author
Hi! I’m Maggie Adams, although my fan club calls me Queen Minx because I do like a bit of naughtiness with my romance! I live near St. Louis, Missouri with my husband, aka, ATTRACTIVE OVER FORTY MAN. He’s also the head of my research and development (if you know what I mean *wink) I love dancing, cooking and reading and writing romance, especially erotic romance. I make sure each of my books have a little something about me in them, so keep your eyes open, I’m in there somewhere!

4 1/2 Star Review ☆ Dust To Dust (A Broken Fairy Tale #1) by S.P. Cervantes



Reviewed by Gloria

Dust To Dust by S.P. Cervantes

Camryn, Holden and Jess have been friends forever.  The three amigos.   Dust to Dust is an intriguing story of love and triumph as much as rape and murder.  Friendship, family and how some friends ARE family is a central theme.  I don’t want to give away the plot line but I was moved to tears at one point picturing Camryn running…
This is the first story in a box set of 3 stories called Broken Fairy Tales.  $.99 for Book 1!  Smiles/Tears and Fist Pumps!
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If faced with your worst fear, what would you do? Would you run or would you fight?

Camryn Hamilton is a fighter.

A thirty-something mother of two, Camryn appears to have it all: a husband, plenty of money, and children she adores. When she returns home to spend Christmas with her family, her perfect world she has created begins to crumble, thrusting her face to face with the only man who truly knows her.

Holden Patrick will fight harder.

A powerful, handsome attorney, Holden left town after his adoptive parents’ death. In his time away he almost managed to forget the girl who ran away with his heart. At least until a turn of fate brought him back to Mantoloking, and back to Camryn.
But are they willing to fight for each other?

Faced with a tragic past that they both wanted to forget, they struggle to protect their hearts from being broken again. Will their love be enough to get them through another tragedy, or will they close themselves off and run away again?

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About the Author

S.P. Cervantes is the author of the acclaimed contemporary romance A BROKEN FAIRY TALE series. The series allows you to connect with a group of friends and their triumphs over tragedy. “Dust to Dust” is a suspenseful stand-alone romance that introduces readers to this close knit group of loyal friends. “Wished Away” is an emotional romance that should be read before the Bad-Boy romance, “His Jar of Hearts”.

S.P. is also the author of the highly rated Young Adult Romantic Fantasy trilogy Secrets of Shadow Hill. “Always and Forever”, “The Prophecy”, and “War of Wizards” that has been described as “Twilight Meets Harry Potter”. It’s not your typical romantic fantasy.

S.P Cervantes lives in Orange County, California with her husband and three children, where she is a teacher. She enjoys spending time with her family, writing, reading, and running, but is always thinking of an idea for her next novel.

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